Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a right format?
No, there isn't. It all depends on your needs. There is no "best" format for your resume. Usually, if you are continuing along a proscribed career path (engineering, for example), a reverse chronological resume is best. If, on the other hand, you are changing careers, a skills/functional resume will be more suitable.

How do I summarize my objective?
Before you start job-hunting, you should decide just what it is that you have to sell to your prospective employer. Start by preparing a qualifications summary, that is, describe your qualifications that make you right for the job you want to get. Basically, you're doing a self-appraisal. Everyone brings something unique to a position. You will realize this uniqueness only after you appraise yourself critically.

Do I really need an objective on my resume?

Yes. An objective is your five-second sales pitch. Use it to hook the employer to read further. Be creative, but not cute. An employer is looking for professional people to hire, those that can fit a niche that has come open in the company. If your objective fits that niche, you're on your way to an interview.

I am recent graduate. Should I put my Grade Point Average in my resume?
Yes, you should. Anything that makes you shine should be included, along with awards, kudos and accolades. This is especially useful for recent graduates just breaking into the work force.


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